“Les Entretiens de Royaumont” grew out of meetings and exchanges organized in the first half of the 20th century in the Abbey of Royaumont.

Our history

In 1938, the French industrialist Henry Goüin, whose grandfather had acquired the prestigious Abbey of Royaumont in 1905, created the Foyer de Royaumont as a place dedicated to the work of artists and thinkers from around the world. At the end of World War II, Henry Goüin invited artists and thinkers who had been victims of deportation and detention to the Foyer, renamed the Centre Culturel International de Royaumont. The Centre hosted the first Entretiens, a cycle of conferences dedicated to debates and the emergence of new ideas. Then in 1964, Henry Goüin created, with the support of André Malraux, France’s Minister of Cultural Affairs, the Royaumont Foundation for the Progress of Human Sciences – convinced that the promotion of science and humanities could help end hatred and wars.

In 2003, half a century after the end of Les Entretiens‘ activities, Jérôme Chartier, a local political leader, relaunched the project under the name Les Entretiens de Royaumont, a yearly cycle of conferences aimed at imagining France’s future through economic and political debates.

The prestigious grounds of the Abbey of Royaumont are now welcoming Les Entretiens each year. Major world leaders, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, and experts contribute to the debates, debunk preconceived ideas, and revive forgotten issues. Combining excellence with simplicity, and cleverness with conviviality, Les Entretiens have become a unique platform for ideas’ creation in an outstanding meeting place.

Les Entretiens de Royaumont aim at giving women and men of all political, economic and cultural backgrounds, whatever their personal convictions, an opportunity to deliberate with complete freedom of expression. They foster reciprocal inspiration and generate ideas for policymakers.

17 years of Les Entretiens

2003 « Is France going backwards? »
2004 « Is politics a profession? »
2005 « Is it necessary to leave your country to succeed? »
2006 « What if you were President… »
2008 « Structuring French economic growth »
2009 « Imagining Capitalism »
2010 « Making a success of France in 2030 »
2011 « To love France »
2012 « Reinventing Work »
2013 « Building lasting relationships with emerging countries »
2014 « Taxes, growth and public spending: from a vicious cycle to a virtuous triangle », led by Augustin de Romanet
2015 « To what extent are you “green”? », led by Henri de Castries
2016 « Believer and Citizen », led by Vincent Montagne
2017 « Robots and Artificial Intelligence », led by Stéphane Richard
2018 « Being a woman », led by Patrick Pouyanné
2019 « Can capitalism be responsible ? », led by Jean-Dominique Sénard

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