Les Entretiens de Royaumont abroad

Since 2013, following the success of Les Entretiens de Royaumont, many leading figures in the French-speaking world showed their interest in organizing similar events overseas.

Most international events are organized by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in their respective countries. Les Entretiens overseas follow the tradition and spirit of the original forum. 

Since 2018, the local organizers in each country and Les Entretiens de Royaumont sign an « agreement of spirit », which contains no financial obligation, but imposes a standard of quality, eclecticism, and openness. 

Les Entretiens de Royaumont abroad:

2013 | Warsaw: “Reinventing Europe”

2014 | Warsaw: “Is Europe late on adapting to the Digital World?”

2014 | Madrid: “Taxes, public spending, growth: building a virtuous circle”

2015 | Madrid: “The energy challenges in Spain”

2016 | Rabat: « In the Green movement helpful to the growth of Morocco? »

2016 | Abu Dhabi: “Sustainable development and Abu Dhabi: 40 years of convictions”

2018 | Warsaw: “The era of robotic, a new revolution”

2018 | Abu Dhabi: “Green movement and new technologies”

2019 | Warsaw: “Being a Woman”

2019 | Yamoussoukro: “Robotic and Artificial Intelligence in Ivory Coast”

2021 | Dubai: “Meritocracy.”

2022 Calendar:

Thursday, 2nd of June 2022 | Casablanca: “New Technologies: an opportunity to challenge the educational problems of Morocco” 

The Entretiens of Casablanca took place at the Mechouar Palace in Casablanca. They were organized by the CFCIM – French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco -, in partnership with the government of the Casablanca-Settat region.

Monday, 14th of November 2022 | Abu Dhabi: “United Arab Emirates: an evolving model”

The Entretiens of Abu Dhabi are organized by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the UAE. They will take place at the Sorbonne of Abu Dhabi.