The spirit of Royaumont Inter-Views® in France

The objective of the “Royaumont Inter-Views®” is to encourage the emergence of new ideas, enrich and nourish discussions, and, with serenity, eclecticism, and a total spirit of freedom of speech, enlighten decisions to propel France and humanity towards progress and influence.

The Royaumont Inter-Views® foster the exchange of experiences, the comparison of approaches, and the development of structured ideas and solutions in an atmosphere of serenity and conviviality. This gathering also serves to showcase new profiles of talented individuals with original perspectives and disruptive backgrounds, embodying today’s France, with women and men from all generations, ethnicities, cultures, and social backgrounds.

Starting in 2010, the Royaumont Inter-Views® decided to support, though not organize, initiatives in France that align with the same spirit, the “French spirit” of the “Enlightenment.”

Each year, events that align with the approach and spirit of the Royaumont Inter-Views® receive support through “spirit agreements.” These agreements do not involve any financial elements but establish obligations of quality, eclecticism, open debates, and expression to benefit from the support, branding, and image of the Royaumont Inter-Views®.

Building on the editions they have supported worldwide since 2013, the Royaumont Inter-Views® have also decided to support initiatives emerging within local territories since 2021. Similar to events organized outside of France, local organizers sign a “spirit agreement” with the Royaumont Inter-Views®, setting forth obligations of quality, eclecticism, open debates, and expression to benefit from their support, branding, and image.

The first edition of the Inter-Views® in France supported by the Royaumont Inter-Views took place in Nice on October 15, 2021. Organized by the Nice-Matin group at the Université Côte d’Azur, the “Nice Inter-Views®” focused on the theme of “Territories: When will the end of the Jacobin state come?” and met with immense success.

On June 27, 2022, the “Inter-Views® of the School of Officers for the National Police Force” were initiated. These annual gatherings aim to provide 350 police officer cadets, as well as students from prestigious schools of the Republic, including the National Institute of Public Services (INSP) establishments such as the National School of Magistracy, the National School of Veterinary Services, the Polytechnic School, the Air Force Academy, and ENSTA, with a day of reflection and discussion on current major issues. The first edition brought together exceptional testimonies on “the values of the French Republic and the notion of Authority.”

The second edition, dedicated to the theme “Anthropology and Digital,” gathered over 500 gendarmerie officer cadets, representatives, and students from the National Institute of Public Services establishments.

Led by David Abiker, and with the participation of exceptional speakers, this day provided an opportunity to question and reflect on the impacts of the digital age on both humans and human organizational models at a time when technological progress is transforming our lives and the world. Central to the discussions was the reflection on the natural and necessary link between anthropology and digital, enriched by the insightful perspectives of the speakers who enlightened minds in the magical setting of the Collège des Bernardins.