The 20th Edition of The Royaumont Inter-Views®





The 20th edition of the Royaumont Inter-Views® will take place on Friday, December 1st, and Saturday, December 2nd. As you know, this unique moment of collective reflection prioritizes the extended time of idea-driven debates over immediacy, providing a compass of meaning.

Through their vitality, the Royaumont Inter-Views® serve as an exceptional haven for innovative ideas and enriching discussions at the heart of modern civilization.

This year, we will reflect together on the theme of “Believe.” This simple verb touches upon all aspects of humanity: intelligence, character, the relationship with the future, transmission, and responsibility towards our environment and future generations. Without belief, there is no stability, no human and scientific progress, no social contract, and certainly no democracy.

Certainly, “Believe” also raises the question of religious belief in the 21st century, where we have experienced disenchantment followed by a sudden and sometimes brutal re-enchantment of our world. But that is just one aspect of this theme, so rich and profound.

Ultimately, “Believe” is not about trusting in the future and, relying on laws and institutions, hoping for a united society driven by a sustainable social model ?

Naturally, there exists within many humans a “dark side,” fueled by ambition and fanaticism, seeking to replace conviction and leading to the abandonment of scientific and technological progress, social separatism, deception with social media becoming instruments of propaganda.

This is the negative aspect of “Believe,” which cannot, however, justify a society of distrust built on suspicion and control.

At a time when the public sphere is besieged by radicalism, the 20th Royaumont Inter-Views® will bring together engaged individuals from all backgrounds to better understand, through strong and inspiring testimonies and exchanges, the relationships between belief, knowledge, trust, and defending one’s convictions. To better comprehend how “Believe” gives strength to our commitments and values, allowing us to defend them and move forward in all circumstances.

We are delighted to welcome you on Friday, December 1st, and Saturday, December 2nd, at the Royaumont Abbey.