19th edition

“The Third Way” – Friday the 2nd & Saturday the 3rd of December

The Third Way.

The times, fuelled by a succession of major crises, are fuelling dissatisfaction. In this complex and unstable world, global solutions no longer work. And the feeling that action is ineffective reinforces unpopularity.

Everyone is therefore looking for the “other possible”, the Third Way, which, in a world seen as binary, appears to be the perfect solution, or even the beautiful escape. It is the hope of populations in need of solutions. It is the one that will be able to unite expectations. And will bring energies together.

But wouldn’t this other possibility come from a re-reading of the world rather than giving in to the apparent alternatives? A world where improvement and innovation are no longer enough? A world in which we need to start imagining, inventing and financing invention, and therefore taking risks again?

This ambition is what the 19th edition of the Entretiens de Royaumont invites you to do.

“Making Beauty”, “Sharing Value”, “Being Sober, and Living too! “Experience”, “Humanise”, “Make people adhere”.

These six angles of reflection, which are all challenges for the Human being, will lead the participants in the XIXth Entretiens de Royaumont to take a different look at the challenges facing us, and to set the future on a different path. The “Third Way”.